Best LED Grow Room Glasses: Top Picks On the Market!

As an indoor grower, you usually focus on the plant’s health including nutrients, humidity, temperature, etc. You should also focus on the protection of your eyes as well while working in the grow room. The most efficient way to protect your eyes from Complex LED lighting spectrums is, to wear high-quality LED Grow Room Glasses.

Another major benefit of glasses for grow room is, it will help you to see the actual color of plants.

LED Grow Room Glasses

Many goggles on the market claim that they are the best LED Grow Light Glasses having the capacity to protect damaging light caused by Grow Lights while you are in a grow room. Obviously, some of these products are effective as LED light eye protection, but not all.

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Things to Consider Before Buying LED Grow Light Glasses

Style and Durability: The Eyewear should cover the eyes completely thus offering full protection in the grow room. The most popular styles are shield, semi-rimless, and aviator. Make sure the materials are truly durable which makes the LED Grow Glasses long-lasting.

Quality of Lens: The lens of LED Grow Light Safety Glasses should be of high quality.

Type of Lighting Arrangement: It is important to know the type of light before purchasing because Full Spectrum LED Glasses are light-specific. Some are designed for LED grow room while others are used in HPS and MH lighting conditions.

UV Protection: The LED Grow Room Glasses you select should have the capability of blocking all UV wavelengths that comes from the LED grow light.

Color Correction Capability: It’s very important to see the actual color of plants so you should select Glasses for Grow Room that have complete color correction ability.

Comfortability: Small frames can cause discomfort even headaches & eyewear with big frames tend to fall off easily. So ensure that you collect the glasses fit perfectly over your eyes.

Full Spectrum LED Glasses for Grow Room: Buyer’s Guide

Regardless of the lighting arrangement in your grow room, we are going to review some best LED Grow Light Glasses on the market today. So I believe, there will be a product here for you to solve your issue.

Method Seven Glasses Review

Method Seven LED Glasses are optimized for LED lights that offer exceptional Color Balancing, clarity, and blocks 100% harmful invisible wavelengths including UVA, UVB, UVC, and Infrared wavelengths.

Manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision ensures the highest quality materials & unique design that makes Method Seven LED Glasses certainly superior in the market.

Eye fatigue or eye strain is a concerning issue but you will not have to worry about while using this WORLD’S FIRST OPTICS optimized for LED lighting condition. So you will feel a pleasant experience in your grow room.

Using Method Seven Glasses you will be able to see the natural colors of your plants. So you can monitor your plant’s health correctly like the color of your plant leaves, disease, pests, rot, etc.

These offer 30 days’ money back guaranty if you are not satisfied.

Amazing Features of Method Seven LED Glasses

Pros and Cons of Method Seven Glasses

Method Seven Glasses Review: Final Words

Method Seven Grow Glasses has achieved trust from indoor growers & this version is one of the top picks in the market today. So if you are looking for long-lasting effective Glasses for grow room you may try it.

VIVOSUN LED Grow Room Glasses

VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics Glasses ensure a secure and reliable way of working in the garden under LED lighting systems. The top-quality lenses and unique design will give you a safety guarantee of your eyes from possible dangers.

VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Room Glasses with Glasses CaseThese Grow Room Glasses block UVA & UVB wavelengths, alleviates glare, and reduces eye strain because it specifically designed for led lights. VIVOSUN provides you a natural view of your plants in the grow room.

Amazing Features of VIVOSUN LED Grow Light Glasses

Advantages and Drawbacks VIVOSUN LED Grow Room Glasses

VIVOSUN Glasses for Grow Room Summary

VIVOSUN LED Light Eye Protection is suitable and comfortable for your eyes in grow room due to clear vision and protection. So I believe wearing them allows you more time in the room attending to the plantation.

Apollo Horticulture Glasses for LED Grow Lights (LEDGrower1)

To bring comfort, clarity, and safety to your eyes in LED grow room Apollo Horticulture introduces this premium line item.

Due to Wrap-around style glasses, Apollo Horticulture UV400 LED Grow Light Glasses can protect your eyes from all angles. The super-lightweight design will give you hours of long-wear comfort.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses for LED Grow Light Rooms UV400 Grow Room Safety Protective Eyewear for Intense LED Lighting Visual Eye ProtectionThese LED Grow Room Glasses block all UVA, UVB and protect eyes from infrared wavelengths, glare, and reflection while working in a grow tent, greenhouse, or growing space.

Apollo Horticulture UV400 is very cost-effective so these can be one of the best options for beginners.

Amazing Features of Apollo Horticulture Glasses for LED Grow Lights

Strengths and Weaknesses of Apollo Glasses for Grow Room

Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light Glasses Summary

To experience a pleasant, modernized, and reliable grow room eye protection you can use Apollo Horticulture UV400 spending little money.

Apollo Horticulture UV400 LED Grow Room Glasses (LEDGrower2)

These LED grow light safety glasses have almost similar features to Apollo Horticulture UV400 – LEDGrower1 so I will not go into detail.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses Goggles for Wear Fit Over Glasses for LED Grow Light Room UV400 Grow Room Safety Protective Eyewear for Intense LED Lighting Visual Eye ProtectionOne advantage of Apollo Horticulture UV400 LEDGrower2 is you can wear this over your regular prescription eyewear. Some people wear extra-large prescription glasses, Apollo LEDGrower2 might not fit over them.

So, I will recommend this product who have low vision problem & need to use regular prescription eyewear. Who doesn’t have low vision problem Apollo Horticulture UV400 – LEDGrower1 is perfect for them.

Happy Hydro LED Light Eye Protection

Happy Hydro Glasses green lens version Specifically Optimized for LED grow room which acts as a barrier between your eyes and all harsh wavelengths including UVA & UVB rays. The blue lens version is more suitable for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting conditions.

Happy Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses | Polarized Lenses | UVA + UVB + UVC Blocking | Aviator Style with Protective CaseExceptional color-balancing and anti-glare coat on the lens provide a very clear image of your surroundings. So you can improve plant care, makes easy to recognize threats of your plants, and take necessary steps.

Lightweight classic aviator style Happy Hydro UV Protective LED Grow Room Glasses reduces glare and eye strain while increasing vision stamina. Due to the connected nosepiece, it won’t slip off under hot & sweaty conditions. It’s Wrap-around design & comfort fit frames provide superior coverage as well as allow you to wear them for hours.

Amazing Features of Happy Hydro LED Grow Light Glasses

Gains and Losses of Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses

Happy Hydro LED Glasses For Grow Room: Final Words

Protective features and stylish design are just two ways to explain LED grow light eye protection. Happy Hydro UV Protective LED Grow Glasses protect your eyes regardless of lighting type in your indoor garden (Green lens for LED lighting & Blue lens for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting). Besides this, it comes with incredible design & durable structure. So you can try it.

Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus Full Spectrum LED Glasses

Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision which ensure great value and superior color balancing for LED lighting condition.

Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus Grow Room GlassesPremium polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection & you will be able to inspect the progress of your plants due to clear vision.

The lightweight half-jacket frame features a rubber nose pad that holds the frames comfortably for hours.

Amazing Features of Method Seven Grow Glasses

Merits and Demerits of Method Seven Glasses

Method Seven Cultivator Glasses for LED Grow Lights Summary

This Eyewear has a superior capacity to protect your eyes by blocking all harmful wavelengths that come from the high-intensity radiation environment. So I think these LED Grow Room Glasses are a good option for anyone involved with indoor gardening.

iPower LED Glasses for Grow Room

Maintaining ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards iPower Hydroponics Grow Light Glasses are built for indoor use specifically LED lighting systems.

iPower GLGLSSGREENX2 2 Pack Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Room Light Glasses Goggles Anti UV Reflection Visual Optical Protection (UV400), GreenEnsure Optimal eye protection by blocking UVA, UVB, and IR rays come from hydroponic grow lights. Glares and Eyestrain keep to a minimum when growers work in the artificial lighting system for a long time.

Due to wrap-around design iPower Glasses for LED Grow Lights protect your eyes from all angles.

Amazing Features of iPower LED Grow Room Glasses

Gains and Losses of iPower LED Grow Glasses

iPower LED Light Eye Protection Summary

This eyewear designed for professionals who work closely with LED grow lights or artificial lighting conditions on a regular basis. So iPower LED Glasses For Grow Room deliver all the fundamental requirements of full spectrum LED glasses.

Derlights Indoor LED Grow Light Glasses

These glasses come with Professional Design & scratch proof polycarbonate lenses to provide better protection of your eyes.

Derlights Indoor Grow Light Glasses, Growing Hydroponics LED Grow Room Safety Glasses with Anti UV & Color Correction, Protective Goggles for Intense LED Lighting Visual in GreenhouseDerlights LED Grow Room Glasses protect irreversible eye damage by blocking all UVA, UVB, and infrared wavelengths. Effectively reduce eyestrain, fatigue, and dizziness from harsh lighting.

Crystal clear color correction lens for the Phyto-Genisis Spectrum to see your indoor garden as it would appear natural daylight.

Amazing Features of Derlights Glasses for Grow Room

Pros and Cons of Derlights Grow Room Glasses

Derlights Indoor Grow Light Glasses Summary

An effective Eyewear provides all the essentials of grow room glasses. If you don’t worry about the weight you can try this.

Common Questions About LED Grow Glasses

If you are a gardener and have to spend a lot of time in powerful grow lights, I will highly recommend you to use eye protection.

Three types of UV light can damage our eyes where UV-C does by far the most damage. Generally, UV-C not emitted by most grow lights and our atmosphere blocks out most of it.

UV-B light filtered out completely by cornea so it does not reach our retina. But it may help cause pingueculae and pterygium on the eye’s surface, painful inflammation of the cornea called photokeratitis. In extreme cases, these all can cause temporary vision loss.

UV-A light passes through the cornea so this can be resulting damage our retina, certain types of cataracts & macular degeneration.

Most people will not recommend regular sunglasses instead of LED Grow Room Glasses.

That is not because they don’t protect your eyes, rather sunglasses are not designed for grow light. This means using regular sunglasses you will not able to see the natural color of plants.

Viewed through LED Grow Light Glasses your plants looking completely natural. So it would be much easier to identify any discoloration or other signs of problems.

If the Unnatural appearance of plants does not make you worry, then you can use regular sunglasses. Just make sure they protect your eyes from all harmful rays that come from grow light.

Best LED Grow Room Glasses: The Final Verdict

If you don’t want to use LED Grow Light Eye Protection while working under LED lighting system you can turn off your lights while you are in the room. You may be a beginner & don’t want to spend on Grow Room Glasses but keep in mind it’s important to protect your eyes from the beginning.

So I believe as a LED Grow Light user you will choose a suitable product for you. Also, check out: Best LED Grow Lights Reviews 2023