States Where Weed Is Legal In USA: Grow, Medical & Recreational Use

Before telling States Where Weed Is Legal in USA to grow, smoke & use as medication, I want to say few related words. There are some laws that had changed thanks to public demand. Weed Is Legal In The USAAfter some time, politicians understand that maybe former laws do not apply to the actual world or are even ridiculous. That is the case of one product that everyone, whether they admit it or not, enjoys, need, or at least knows. Cannabis is a completely natural herb that grows to provide us with a lot of medical and recreational benefits. The legalization of this marvel has been a really polemic topic. In the last years, the laws have changed to allow us to grow, smoke, or use cannabis for medical purposes, depending on the state. This natural product has a lot of benefits that you may not even know about.

States Where Medical Cannabis Is Legal

The very first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes was California in 1996. At first, they changed the law to allow people to own 8 oz. of this product just by having a medical prescription. For the upcoming years, a lot of states followed the lead to this legislation. Some of the next states were Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. For years, the states continued taking these steps until now, when there are 30 States where medical cannabis is legal. The last states to join the trend were Florida, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

American States Where Weed Is Legal For Recreational Use

The best medical results do not come from smoking it. Still, smoking weed is a very popular recreational activity today. In the last years, the laws have started to change in order to allow us to use it for fun and relaxation. However, there are still some states where you may get in trouble if a cop catches you smoking weed. Therefore, let me tell you about what states is weed legal to smoke or American states where weed is legal for recreational use in 2018.

Right now, there are 9 states where you can smoke this for fun just if you are over 21 years old. If you are from California and if you want to know is weed legal in California for recreational use? You will be pleased to know that, California in 2016, being the first state to legalize it for recreational purposes. Also, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C these are states where weed is legal recreationally. In all those states, you must obviously be legally an adult in order to smoke cannabis.

The support of the drug is becoming more and more popular in all of the countries. People demand to decide how they use this drug and the government is listening. The legalization and regulation of the drug will be a benefit for the economy of the country. It might even reduce the violence in countries where it is produced illegally. Now, if you are looking to enjoy this, you already know if you can do it in your state or you know where to go. Trust that in the upcoming years there will be even more states where you can use weed for fun.

USA Weed Map

See the image below, it will show you Where Weed Is Legal in USA Map. Using this map you will be able to identify easily how many states is weed legal in USA & what states are weed legal in the USA.States Where Weed Is Legal In The USA

Where Weed Is Legal To Grow In USA

It is pretty obvious that if the government is starting to allow marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, there must be somewhere you can to grow it. Some states had already taken the step to allow the cultivation of this plant. However, there are some specifications that you must know before planting it. It varies from state to state. But in general terms, you should be careful about giving the wrong impression of trafficking with this delicate product or something like that. The first thing is that once again you must be 21 years old at least. You can only be growing six plants in a house for each adult over 21 years old that is living in there. Also, only three of those plants can be flowering at the same time. If the police notice that you are not following those regulations, you can get into serious problems.

The states where weed is legal to grow are Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Nevada, and Oregon. Keep that in mind before starting to grow your weed indoor using best LED Grow Lights.

Now that you know everything you need in order to get legally into the world of the wonderful cannabis, you can be confident that you will be doing everything right. I hope you enjoyed learning about this and that you found all the information you were looking for and even more.

There are some laws that are changing for our benefit. That is why I wanted to share it with all of you, so you can enjoy it or use it to relieve your or someone’s you love suffering. So, what do you think? Did you find this information useful?