King Plus 600W LED Review: What You Really Need To Know

Today, I am bringing the King Plus 600W LED Review – a low price, and mid wattage range grow light directly to your doorstep. There have been some speculations on how good this product is. The king plus brand is a renowned LED Grow Light manufacturer.King Plus 600W LED Grow Light But we noticed few people experienced some problems that are a bit troublesome in the longer run. So I am going to talk in-depth about the facts, figures, functionalities, features, and cons. So believe that this will help you to decide whether it is the perfect pick for you or not.

Additionally, after the review, you will be able to do some comparison with other grow lights sold below $100 and see if this LED is suitable for indoor planting.

Specifications of King LED 600W Grow Light

The King Plus 600W has a dimension of 12.2 x 2.4 x 8.3 inches, with a considerably lightweight of about 6.61 pounds. It makes use of the Epistar LEDs. This plant grow light offers a full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages with the best ratio of color.King LED 600W This model uses 60 pieces of LED at 10W, thus the power of 600W and a working voltage of 85v-265v. It operates on a frequency of 50~60hz. The light has a moderate life span of about 100,000 hours which is decent for a LED Grow Light.

King Plus 600W LED Review – Key Features

Wide Applications

Any levels of Indoor plant enthusiasts including professional growers can use this King LED 600w. You can grow vegetables, fruits, organic herbs, Medical Cannabis, lettuces, and many more!

Full Spectrum

The right proportion of light is needed for effective growth. King Plus 600w LED Grow Light delivers a full spectrum of complete light beaming. So plants grow equally well under this grow light like the natural sunlight.King Plus 600W LED Review Your plant enjoys various wavelengths at different life stages, the wavelength stages include Red (620-630nm, 655-660nm), Orange (605-610nm), UV (380-410nm), Blue (440-450nm, 450-460nm), IR (730nm -very dim), White (6000k-6500k).

Separate VEG and BLOOM Switches

Two switches mode of King LED 600W will help you to save a lot of electricity.

In the Germination & Growing Stage keep the VEG switch ON. Because stronger concentrations of blue light help sprouting and improvement of solid roots.

Red lights impact plant growth in different ways in the flowering and fruiting stage, so keep the Bloom switch ON in these stages. Due to a particular red wavelength production of a specific hormone increases, which prevents the breakdown of chlorophyll.

We suggest turning on VEG & Bloom both switches to get higher intensity during flowering and fruiting stages for better yield.

Cooling System of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

Its wonderful design ensures that heat is dissipated excellently with the help of two high-speed quiet fans. Upgraded aluminum heat sinks enable the light bulb to work at 50°F to 60°F which is lower than traditional HPS/MH.King LED 600W I am giving this feature 5 stars. So there is no cause to cry on overheating. This will increase the lighting time and your plant won’t be burned.

Energy Saving Technology

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light saves you more spending, low electricity bill as it draws only 125 watts being compared to the traditional 600 watts HPS/MH.

Quality and Upgraded LED ChipsKing Plus 600W

Unlike the usual use of 3W, 5W LEDs, the king plus 600W makes use of 10W LEDs that are more bright and powerful. These 10W LED chips are engineered to keep the balance of PAR output.

Something fascinating about this chip is that the spoilage on of one chip cannot affect the operation of the rest because of the Zener protection it uses. The LEDs are of high quality and durability as it is being manufactured by Epistar.

King LED 600W: Easy To Install

King Plus 600W is fully ready to plug and play. After getting this you have to place it in the tent with a hanging hook. It comes with a 6 feet long power cord which is enough to connect most of the nearest electrical outlet. Simply ensure the hanging height are accurate as per the plant type, age, and stage.

Top Customer Service

You get a 3 years warranty after the purchase and a 90 days money-back policy. The king plus runs 24/7 customer service. Usually, they reply within 24 hours after your contact and give you an acceptable outcome.

King Plus 600W LED Review: Coverage & Using Suggestions

King LED 600W grow light is most suited for a coverage area of 3 x 3.4 ft. The hanging height can be varying due to the types of plants & environments. Many growers use these LEDs in 4 x 4 Feet tent for vegetation only and the result is satisfactory.

King LED 600W Distance From Plant

King Plus 600W LED Grow LightGermination Stage: 26-30 inches above the plants, keep 14-18 hours On a day.

Growing Stage: 20-26 inches above the plants, keep 12-14 hours On a day.

Flowering Stage: 18-24 inches above the plants, keep 9-12 hours On a day.

Fruiting Stage: 18-24 inches above the plants, keep 7-8 hours On a day.

King LED 600W: Comparison With Other 600W LED Grow Light

King Plus 600WVIPARSPECTRA 600WPhlizon 600W

King Plus 600W


Phlizon 600W


12.2 x 2.36 x 8.27 inches

15.3 x 12.8 x 3 inches

15.75 x 2.36 x 6.69 inches

Item Weight

6.6 pounds

11.6 pounds

4.84 pounds

PAR Output (at 18" height)

634 µmol m-2 s-1

784 µmol m-2 s-1

350 µmol m-2 s-1

Avg. Power Draw

125 watts

260 watts

100 watts

Daisy Chain?




Veg Coverage

3 x 3.4 ft

3 x 3 ft

2 x 2 ft

Bloom Coverage

2.4 x 2.7 ft

2.5 x 2.5 ft

1.5 x 1.5 ft


3 years

3 years

2 years


100,000 hours

100,000 hours

50,000 hours

Check Price

Check Price

Check Price

Why Few People Put Back From King Plus 600W LED Grow Light?

When we have bounded by some limitations, it’s difficult to expect anything to be 100% perfect.

If you have a low budget, King LED 600W is giving much more than what one is paying for. Yet there are few things that people don’t love about it.

Firstly, Some users have complained about the noise that comes from cooling fans. It’s true after 1 or 1 and half years of usage fans start making a bit more noise.

It’s not water-resistant. So, you have to maintain a good setup that keeps the light water or humidity-free as much as possible.

Another weakness of this light is, it doesn’t come with Timer.

If someone keeps On this LED constantly for 48 hours without proper ventilation system for heat distortion then the glass cover may start melting due to the excessive heat.

So, the advice is to use it with care according to the recommended hours of the plants’ growth stage.

What Users Say About King LED 600W Grow Light?

I found 2,848 customer reviews on Amazon till today which indicates how trendy this grow light is! The average feedback score is 4.6 Stars out of 5 and it’s just amazing for a grow light with below $100 price tag.

Most complainers put a poor review because they got broken units & manufacturer did the replacement.

A Quick FAQ Round of King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

King Plus 600W LED Review: The Final Wrap-Up

Generally, my deduction on the king plus 600W review is positive; I would tell it’s a good buy considering the price. The features are quite remarkable and convenient for users to enjoy. Also, their concern for customer satisfaction should be applauded. The 3 years warranty and money back policy would ensure that you are able to return any unit delivered broken.

What is your thought on the king plus 600W led grow light? I hope the review was helpful and thoughtful!

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